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Raw Naked Newbee...lifelong tool monkey, journeyman millwright, local 1121, chock full of tricks,,don't know this car. Gotta 77B freshened up. Just tickled to find such a place as this. This photo was taken on my FIRST drive after a refresh of the entire car.18 month project that took place out of my state, lot of driving and strained situations. Still, I have it now by cracky...

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1972 Ford F 250 Rusty Green Jacky Franklin

1972 Ford F-250
"The Hulk"
1977 MG MGB Red Jacky Franklin

1977 MG MGB

2 Vehicles — Total mileage: 16,842,215 mi (27,104,918 km) — Average age: 1975

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New Fuse Block Installed Today

Posted on: Wednesday October 12, 2016

I have had an ongoing issue with my car's electrical for some time now and as the harness was original I have put off dealing with the intermittent loss of power to items. The temp gauge, the clock and the radio. Also the tach bouncing and the courtesy light have all mysteriously lost power ever so rarely. I noticed a loose lug on my fuse block & upon a real close examination I found a BUNCH of loose rivets in the lug assemblies. Ordered a new block which arrived and installed it today. Th...

Summary Of The Month

Posted on: Tuesday July 21, 2015

Well, I have put more than 1000 miles on the car now and am starting to feel pretty good about running into town. That's nice. The overdrive has been worth the trouble it took to get it..Thanks again Ric. The neg camber setup from Moss has been a blast as well, and something I recommend to far the new tires are showing no weird wear. Excellent. I have been very busy getting LED's in the car.. the error free 1157 bulbs off evil-bay do work quite well in the rear..with using fo...

Repairing A Window Issue, Re Seating The Passenger Glass

Posted on: Friday July 10, 2015

Had an interesting time today with the passenger window on my B. It has slipped out of the lift tray on the crank mechanism several times and I have become sorta bored of babying it so today I took the door panel and water seal plastic liner off to see what was shaking. This side had been hard to crank since the repaint and diverse hands were involved in putting bits back on so this was my first foray into this doors innards. When I started I kinda thought I could cheat the devil somehow bu...

At Last...I DRIVE It Home To Tennessee

Posted on: Thursday June 18, 2015

At the waterfall on Tn 111 north of Chatt going

This has been a most strange 18 months..I wish to thank the six guys that worked on this car with me. You'all know who you are, and I can't thank anyone enough. A most special thanks to this gent: Ric Cline British Car Parts and Service 1611 Davidson Rd Shady Dale, GA 31085 770-778-0843 After putting about 6k of parts on the car Rick agreed to do the shakedown for me. His shop is great and the man knows his stuff. So if you need ANY THING DONE TO A BL CAR this is the guy. Use th...

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