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Member,Central Ohio MG Owners club. Been a welder/fabricator since 1994, and a car nut for as long as I can remember. Now I have my own business restoring British cars, and I'm a Moss Motors Distributor.

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1956 MG Magnette ZA Black Rob Meier

1956 MG Magnette ZA

1957 MG Magnette ZB Green Rob Meier

1957 MG Magnette ZB

1962 MG Midget

1966 MG MGB GT Blue Rob Meier

1966 MG MGB GT

1969 MG MGB GT

1974 MG MGB

1974 MG MGB GT New Holland Yellow Rob Meier

1974 MG MGB GT

1976 MG MGB

8 Vehicles — Total mileage: 519,771 mi (836,490 km) — Average age: 1967

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Hoping To Get It Back On The Road Soon

Posted on: Sunday August 19, 2012

It's been off the road for a few months. Started missing at idle on #2 and after going through compression test (175,173,175,175), carbs, changing everything out on ignition, checking lift at each valve, I finally gave in and pulled the head. Machine shop found a rather long crack going across the top and down the side, but nothing in any combustion chambers (still not 100% satisfied that was the problem) I decided to use a small chamber head to get a bit more compression and after sending every...

Finally Showing My Own Car A Little Love

Posted on: Sunday February 21, 2010

Taking care of several little things on the car, the might as wells, and things I've been thinking of doing led me to pull the engine. I sent the head out to get a skim, and the flywheel to get a little more weight taken off. I'm changing the cam timing, and while It's apart I put the water pump and alt pullies on the lathe to remove the extra grooves, and reduce rotating weight (as a pair they went from about 3 1/4 lbs to about 1 1/2 lbs). I'm also taking a little weight out of some other bit's...


Posted on: Wednesday December 31, 2008

I got the new 1" front bar on, along with the 5/8" rear, doesn't feel as good on street tires, but never got a chance to go autocrossing and try it out on racing rubber.


Posted on: Sunday January 20, 2008

Finally just rec'vd my 1" front swaybar from England, after waiting about 2 months. Gonna start with a 5/8" bar on back to go with it, and see how it feels (in the spring of course). Got some idea's for other improvements to make it a little faster for autocrossing, but I'll have to see if I can find the time to do them, as they each require my time for fabrication, instead of money. I could buy the parts, but I'm limmeted on budget.

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