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I work in the trades. My hobbies include woodworking and home renovations and now Triumph repair. If you want to know about me, read my blog.

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Speaker Grills

Posted on: Monday March 20, 2017

speaker gril

I got the itch to try some woodworking yesterday evening (it's been quite a while) so I started on some speaker grills. The wood is Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry). Today I did a few adjustments on the car then finished one of the grills. The second is still on the lathe but doesn't need much more work. After finishing the one grill I glued up some Jatoba for the dash. The Jatoba is just "practice". I'll install them but just until I find the wood that I really want. I put a coat of boiled linseed o...

Almost There

Posted on: Saturday March 18, 2017

Today I installed a new antenna and finished up the radio install, put the steering wheel back on and polished up all the vinyl. All that's left is the seats, the dash and put the roof back on. The seats need work (new foam) and I have yet to build a dash for it. I might put the roof on tomorrow. Cheers

Kick Plates And Speakers

Posted on: Friday March 17, 2017

014 lafte speaker plate

I finished up the kick plates, installed the speakers and installed the plates in the car. I need to make some speaker grills. Nothing Ive found will fit in the tight space. Once this job was done I installed the steering column the installed and tested the stereo. Holy crap. It works! I had a pair of tweeters but no way to install them. I made up a couple holders for the tweeters from ABS plumbing parts. Pictured below are the parts I used. A coupling and a threaded cap. See the next entry ...


Posted on: Friday March 17, 2017

013a tweeter build

Continued from previous entry... I mounted the coupling caps in my wood lathe and turned off the big lumps on the sides and the embossed lettering. I then cut up an old speaker grill and fitted it inside the caps. Next I cut a notch in the threaded cap for the wire connector and filed out some bits here and there so the tweeter fit snug in the cap the screwed the two pieces together. The assembly is a friction fit in the kick plate hole. It worked out really well. Thanks for looking. Cheers

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